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Ganondorf as seen in Twilight Princess

Ganondorf is the main villian in many Zelda games. He takes the form of many different bad guys, such as Ganon and sometimes controls the actions of other antagonists such as Dark Link, Zant, and Vaati. He was first seen in Ocarina of Time as the main antagonist. Ganondorf is the only male born to the Gerudos in 100 years and is proclaimed as the ruler of the Gerudo.


In Ocarina of Time, after Link defeats Ganondorf, he turns into Ganon. But in many other games, such as the original The Legend of Zelda, you only see Ganon. In The Legend of Zelda:Four Swords Adventures Ganondorf is mentioned as going to the Pyramids, and is said to be doing something very evil, and Ganon is praised by the Deku in the Lost Woods.

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