Luda is the daughter of Renado. She is a child that lives in Kakariko Village.


Luda lived with Renado in Kakariko Village. Barnes and The General Store Lady were the only other villagers. However, when the Twilight Revolt occured, Ilia and the other villagers were transported by Bulblins to Eldon. They were left to die in Kakirako.

Whenever Colin was kidnapped by King Bulblin, Luda was one of the people who took care of him. It would not be an exxageration to say that she was the "head of the team" during his time in the Elde Inn. She appears to be very mature compared to Beth and Talo, who seem to attempt to beat each other rather than help Colin. When Prince Ralis came close to death, she played the exact same position. This "job" of hers ended with IOlia, and her work with each one of the children leaves one to wonder if Kakariko Village is a sort of "sanctuary" for the very sick, where the descandants of Renado become great Healers. This would explain how Luda could heal them so easily.

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