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Midna as seen with Zant's curse on her.

Midna is the ruler of the Twilight Realm who was overthrown by the Usurper King Zant. Midna meets Link after seeing him turn into a wolf when he entered the twilight. She helps him break free his Jail cell and escape through the Hyrule Castle Sewer. Later, when ever Link has to go into the Twilight she takes him through safely. She helps him gather the Fused Shadows but when they get the last one Zant comes and takes them all while draining Midna of all of her power. Link then takes Midna to Princess Zelda who puts the power of her piece of the Triforce into Midna reviving her and leaving Princess Zelda helpless.
Link midna wolf

Wolf Link and Midna

Before this Midna was greedy but after she saw how Princess Zelda gave her power for her then Midna fought for both sides not just to get her throne back. Midna then helps Link return to Human by finding the Master Sword. Then hey go and find the 4 pieces of the Mirror of Twilight in order to open up the portal to the Twilight Realm. When they get there they eventually fight Zant and take back the Fused Shadows. Which Midna uses to kill Zant. Then when back at Hyrule Castle Midna uses the Power of the Fused shadows to break open the barrier around Hyrule Castle. Link and Midna go in and eventually get to Ganondorf. Midna after saving Princess Zelda and defeating Ganon sends Princess Zelda and Link out of the Castle into Hyrule Field. Ganondorf is then seen holding the fused shadow above his head when he crushes it in his grip. Link and Zelda defeat Ganondorf.
Midna adult

Midna in her true form.

After Ganondorf dies Link sees Midna far off and runs to her to find her in her true form. During the credits Midna the Twilight Princess goes back into the Twilight Realm and on her way in she destroys the Mirror of Twilight in to minuscule pieces proving that she is the true ruler if the Twilight Realm.