Shadow beasts

A normal shadow beast

Shadow beasts are the main army of Zant. They are the looks of the Twili after Zant took over rule of the Twilight Realm. They are also the recruits and warriors in his army. There are a special class of Shadow Beasts called Shadow Assassins which are metal plated Shadow Beasts. Link never has to fight these in his Quest but he sees them during the clip of Zant taking over Hyrule Castle.

Other Shadow CreaturesEdit

Shadow Kargoroks

A shadow Kargarock

There are other shadow enemies that Link fights during his time in the Twilight. They are all normal enemies that Link would find in the place he is in but due to the Twilight they look Like a Twilight Beast version of themselves. There are Twilight Kargarocks, Mice, Deku Babas, Keese, and Bulbins.

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