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Link is the Protagonist in all canon Legend of Zelda games to date. He wears a Green Tunic in all Zelda games except in cases where he either obtains a different colored tunic with special powers to let him enter certain areas or he gains his Green Tunic usually known as the Hero's Clothes from someone such as in Twilight Princess and the Windwaker. Link always has a sword and most of the time has a shield as long as a Like Like doesn't take it and in most games as he travels farther he gets stronger and stronger swords and shields. Many weapons appear numerous times through games such as the Bow and Arrow, Bombs, and Hookshot. Other weapons are only in few games such as the Grappling Hook, Elemental Arrows, Dominion Rod, and Ball and Chain.


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"The princess who holds the power of light... That mysterious power is said to flow in the veins of every royal lady in your family ever since that day when it was gifted to your people. If I leave you now, you'll only cause me trouble later. That will never do."

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